Sarah Hird loves bioinformatics! She’s currently a postdoc at the UC Davis Genome Center working on marine microbial biogeography. She completed her PhD at Louisiana State University in 2013. When not “biology-ing”, she likes to cook, walk her dog and quote Seinfeld episodes over coffee.

CJ Jenkins is a biology nerd, and has been since a very small age. When other small kids turned to biology to swim with the dolphins, CJ set her small little heart on studying the life cycle of the coral polyp. We all have to dream about something. Nowadays CJ can be found splitting her time and her gas mileage between Washington State University and the University of Idaho, while studying the genetics of host/parasite coevolution from time to time in New Zealand. In her spare time she enjoys Evolutionary Medicine, Sexually Antagonistic Genes, Group Selection, Speciation and Metagenomic approaches in Bioinformatics. She dreams some day of having a hobby that does not involve biology.

Noah Reid is a postdoc at UC Davis, Department of Environmental Toxicology. He is currently working on the evolutionary genomics of pollution tolerance. He also takes photos.

Jeremy YoderJeremy Yoder studies the evolution and ecology of interactions between species. His doctoral research at the University of Idaho focused on the pollination mutualism between Joshua trees and yucca moths; now, as a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Minnesota, he studies the symbiosis between legumes and nitrogen-fixing bacteria. In his spare time, he runs, reads science fiction and nonfiction, and bakes banana bread. Jeremy also writes at Denim and Tweed, and his Twitter feed is @JBYoder.

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