Scientists at Work

This year’s Nature #ScientistAtWork photo contest winners and runners up are revealed and they are awesome.

Here are a few, but the whole collection can be found here.


Field Work! I have actually been in this same spot, but with a mini van in the Hebrides Islands.


At the March for Science, because science should be diverse.


Volcanic Salt Plains in Ethiopia.


Lowering a boat to abseil a boat into a 40-metre sinkhole in Arnhem Land to investigate the area’s geological record.


Space, from antarctica

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  1. spj4 (@spj4) says:

    Really nice photos – thanks for sharing. That last one in your post is the antarctic, though, not the arctic. Note the Magellanic clouds in the sky (and that dome might be the DSCS if this is at the pole…?).

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