CRISPR just got really real

The great things about CRISPR is its potential do all kinds of interesting things! The scary part about CRISPR is its ability to mutate human embryos and the slippery slope to designer babies. That last part might be an exaggeration… but given that scientists just removed a dangerous mutation from human embryos…. its not too far off.

You can read about it all over the place, but I particularly like this NY Times article.


Embryos before and after editing.

AAAAAAAAAnd we’re back!

The bees have been collected and are resting comfortably in my -80 freezer, the field team did not kill each other after a month of camping and working together, many a ferry was ridden, many an island was visited (12 to be exact), and much fish and chips was eaten by all.

And now we will return to our regular posting schedule!