Understanding how cancer evolves is the key to stopping it

We started this blog as a means to talk to non-scientists about biology, and since we’re a group of evolutionary biologist, to talk mostly about evolutionary biology. My first post (oh those long years ago) was about Evolutionary Medicine. So imagine my delight with this recent article in the Atlantic addresses about how understanding evolution helps treat cancer. I don’t think I need to say this is awesome, but just in case… this is awesome.

Read about it here!


2 comments on “Understanding how cancer evolves is the key to stopping it

  1. bowneps says:

    I suppose I should be happy to see this idea leading to something, but it has really irked me to see scientists running around shouting ‘new! discovery!’ about things I’ve been teaching my nursing students since 1990. I mean seriously, how can something count as a new discovery when it’s been in undergraduate textbooks for decades?

    • cej9f says:

      Given that this blog is about how to better communicate science and evolution to people who aren’t full time evolutionary biologists, I’d like to start by thanking you for teaching evolution to non-scientists! I don’t think this is a new discovery necessarily, but more that people are continuing to talk about it. Which is hopeful, both for fighting cancer and for better understanding how evolution is in action all around!

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