The most important (transitional) fossil you’ve never heard of


But this one is particularly interesting, as it fills a crucial hole in the fossil record and demonstrates how four-limbed creatures became established on land. Found on the Scottish border, it’s called (wait for it…) Tiny.

Read about it here! _95576018_fa89156d-5853-4015-88e4-1e18fea86279.jpg


4 comments on “The most important (transitional) fossil you’ve never heard of

  1. jeffollerton says:

    Ditto, transitional fossils are just fascinating. Lots of them in the botanical fossil record too though they seem to be less appreciated compared with their animal counterparts. By coincidence my last blog post dealt with a flower that’s probably transitional, though at a lower phylogenetic level (likely plant sub-family):

    • cej9f says:

      Oh that’s cool! I know a lot less about plant transitional fossils, but I’m willing/excited to learn more!


  2. bchaller says:

    “Read about it” – hey, yeah, and where would I do that? :->

    • cej9f says:

      Given how often I forget attachments in emails, I’m honestly amazed I don’t make this mistake more often. It’s fixed now!

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