The recent USDA hiring freeze may be hurting bees

I want to start with the following statement: I know the title of this post is a pretty loose link.

But hear me out. One of the less talked about moves by the executive branch since the inauguration is the hiring freeze at USDA and EPA.

This means postdocs, researchers, graduate students and temporary positions. So for example, Julia Fine who was set to start a postdoc studying bee decline in Utah on a USDA funded position was informed that her position is frozen. Indefinitely.

Since Fine is the lead author on one of the recent prominent studies of bee decline, then this hiring freeze is hurting bees.

Want the more complete story (boy I know I do), read about it over at the Huffington Post.


One comment on “The recent USDA hiring freeze may be hurting bees

  1. Macrobe says:

    The job freeze is more far reaching than just those two agencies. Forest Service and US Fish & Wildlife are badly affected, too. Many important biologist positions at refuges remain unfilled, and with the busy season looming close, biotech positions will remain unfilled.

    Not a win-win situation for people and all wildlife.

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