Defend the Role of Science in the New Political Era

The Union of Concerned Scientists has posted a statement worth reading (here):

Defend the Role of Science in the New Political Era

Independent science is critical to decisions on everything from climate change to lead poisoning to drug safety. But we are concerned that transition team members and those in administration leadership positions have a history of attacking and censoring science. We are concerned that an emboldened Congress may bring back legislation that rejects science and rolls back existing public health and environmental protections. And we are concerned that government scientists may not get the resources they need to carry out their agencies’ missions.
Please join Nobel Laureates, prominent scientists, and fellow experts on a statement outlining expectations for the use of science in the Trump administration.

Add your name to the statement today.

We will share this powerful statement with decision makers, opinion leaders, journalists, and others who will be charged with holding the Trump administration accountable for respecting the role of science in policy making.

Learn more about what the Trump presidency will mean for American science policy, and check out our blog series on the Trump administration.


2 comments on “Defend the Role of Science in the New Political Era

  1. bchaller says:

    I’m adamantly opposed to Trump, but I’m not a fan of the “Drumpf” thing. Like the memes that fat-shame Trump or make fun of him for his small hands, it is mean-spirited and nasty in precisely the way that Trump is condemned for being. A great many immigrants changed their names when they entered the U.S., for a great variety of reasons. Why is that something to make fun of? And it seems in particularly bad taste to modify the words of UCS’s post in that way, making it look – falsely – as if they also are employing this ad hominem attack against Trump.

    • cej9f says:

      You are right and this was entirely my error. I have a wrapper in chrome that automatically changes the name, and I copy and pasted the text from my browser. It was unintentional, and I’ll fix it. I’m terribly sorry, what a stupid folly on my part, I meant no offense.

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