Still reeling

As with most of my friends, I was shocked and devastated by the results of the presidential election.

In the aftermath, the real question for me was “What more can I do?”

I started by recognizing that I’m incredibly privileged. I have a job I love that pays me quite comfortably. I was able to get this job by pursuing my love of biology through three different degrees (BS, MS, PhD), due in no small part because my parents were able to support me. So, how can I help those that are not as privileged.

I have long donated to Down Syndrome Awareness and the National Down Syndrome Society, a cause dear to my heart. I also regularly donate to Planned Parenthood. I have increased both of these donations. I bought a subscription to the New York Times and the Washington Post, and became a recurring donor at NPR and Slate.

In addition, I have spent the last two weeks thinking about what can I do with Nothing in Biology. So here it is:

I will renew my promise to keep posting about the difficulties facing women and minorities in science.

I will be posting more about climate change, and the initiatives the new administration implements that are destructive.

I will post more about policy and how that effect the scientific environment in the US.

This will not become a “politics and policy” blog (although the thought crossed my mind repeatedly for a few days after Secretary Clinton’s concession speech). But it will become slightly more politically oriented. We started this blog as a “science outreach” project, and aim to be able to communicate science to non-scientists. I think understanding how the incoming administration will effect science, and climate is vitally important. It looks like the next four years will be a bumpy ride for everyone, and I hope my efforts at NiB will be a small voice reminding us that this is not normal.