Life with the most dangerous bird on the planet

“Imagine an ostrich as described by H.P. Lovecraft, or maybe a turkey fused with a velociraptor” excellent words to describe the Cassowary. Alternatively: six-foot-tall murdermachines.

These birds are glaringly representatives of their dinosaur heritage, and they couple stunning beauty with murderous intent. Read about taking care of these birds over at National Geographic.


Side note: I was at the Evolution meetings this summer, and spoke to a few biologist who have in the past studied birds. I asked them, given that we now know that birds and dinosaurs are the same group, should we change the names of ornithologists to neo-ornithologists and paleo-ornithologists. This sparked a discussion about what to call people who study the evolution of birds. The conclusion we came to? You call them “Evolutionary Biologists”.