Pokemon GO- bad for evolution education?

There are many reasons Pokemon GO is great. People are getting outside, exercising more, and generally becoming more engaged with their communities.

But it’s not great for the public’s understanding of evolutionary biology.

Why you might ask? Read about it over at Forbes.

And if you want a studio that is working on making a game that’s good at teaching evolution, check out Polymorphic Games. It’s a collaborative effort to develop games that teach evolution, but are as fun as Grand Theft Auto.


2 comments on “Pokemon GO- bad for evolution education?

  1. Matt Watkins says:

    Maybe not as exciting as GTA, but Phil Eklund has made some pretty excellent evolution-based board games:
    1) Bios: Megafauna (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/97915/bios-megafauna), which models predator/prey co-evolution, the accumulation of variation over long static periods followed by dramatic culling (particularly of specialized species) due to environmental changes, migration, inheritance, etc.
    2) Bios: Genesis (https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/98918/bios-genesis) is about abiogenesis from biochemical precursors and the subsequent development of life from simple prokaryotes through to terrestrial multicellular organisms over the first 4Gy of Earth’s history. It pays homage to many prevailing (and not-so-prevailing) theories of abiogensis, from panspermia to Martian incubation to Darwin’s warm pond to akaline hydrothermal vents. It models parasite/host co-evolution, horizontal gene transfer, endosymbiosis, and again the accumulation of variation followed by environmental culling, etc.

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