The “Relocation” Problem in Academia

Margret Kosmala over at Ecology Bits has written one of the best work-life balance posts I have read in awhile.

The post titled “I am unwilling to relocate again (and it will probably cost me my academic “career”” presents the problems of the constant moving around that is expected in academia, and how we are expected to foot the bill.

While we have all heard about the two-body problem, and I have previously written about the one-body problem (one near and dear to my heart), she mentions the three or more body problem. The problem of finding affordable childcare, or moving away from family and playmates to help care for your children.

Importantly, she ends with the comment about how moving is expensive. In other professions, this is also true. But in most other industries, the company who wants you to move pays for it. In academia we are often (too often) left to foot the very expensive bill of moving all by ourselves.

Well worth a read, head over to Ecology Bits!


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  1. It’s also so complicated landing an academic position, let alone relocating to get it.

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