Why Female Professors Get Lower Ratings

A new study finds that student evaluations are systematically biased against female professors.

So much so that they are stronger indications of gender bias than what they actually aim to evaluate: the quality of the teacher.

Read about it over at NPR!

Or find the original study here.



Save the Bananas!

Interesting facts: All commercial bananas in the US/Europe/Canada (really all imported bananas) are all decended from one banana grown on the estate of the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire (Chatsworth House).

They are all clonal, which makes them particularly susceptible to a coevolving disease.

Such as Panama Disease, which is now killing off bananas in the thousands.

What’s more, this has happened before… and may result in there being no bananas left on our grocery shelves.

Read more about it over at the BBC.