Ecologists, meet the Bronies

“You gotta share, you gotta care” – PinkiePie
This years Ecological Society of America (ESA) meeting is being held at the Baltimore Convention Center and for the first time ever the ESA meeting overlaps with another very important meeting: BronyCon.
For those of us unfamiliar with this cultural phenomenon, Bronies are adults who love my little pony.
The good news is that at BronyCon, cosplay (dressing like my little ponies) is encouraged making it unlikely that there will be much phenotypic overlap. However, one might expect to see some character displacement due to the overlapping conferences, exacerbating phenotypic differences between the two populations of conference attendees. Ecologist should expect to dress a little more “outdoorsy”, while the bronies will obviously move towards a more flamboyant style.
Assuming that Bronies and Ecologists will frequent similar watering holes, conference attendees should expect a greater competition for beverages.While the exacerbated signaling should be enough to differentiate the two conference attendees, we can expect some post hours niche overlap, and increasing competition for resources at bars and coffee shops.