Entomologist Go Mainstream!

It would be hard to argue that many scientific groups that study specific organismic groups are truly widely known (maybe mammalogists… or ornithologists?).

So when a group of scientist that studies a specific group of organisms gets a full article on Buzzfeed

Yeah we’re going to talk about it.

Check out the post above, or the twitter #LivingWithAnEntomologist



The benefits of thinking

The theory of evolution by natural selection is among the best established theory in science (this very blog is named by the famous Dobzhansky, quote). However, despite it’s establishment and well known history, it is among the most controversial subsets of science for the american people.

It is no surprise that someone’s understanding of evolution is altered by demographic factors such as religious upbringing, political affiliation and county of origin.

However, recent mounting evidence about the cognition of religion could explain why the very eloquent theory of evolution is difficult to understand, leading people to instead adopt creationism as a compelling alternative.

A new paper by Will Gervais in Cognition addresses the above idea.

Read about it over at NPR!



Walking, it’s good for your brain

A plethora of new studies have demonstrated that mental and physical health are both benefited by spending time outdoors (not the best news for PhD students finishing their dissertation (cough, me)).

One example: a cognitive neuroscience study demonstrating the neural signature of walking through nature.

Read the paper here, or the Washington Post article summarizing the findings here.

And get off your computer for a few minutes and go for a nice long stroll through your closest natural habitat.