Celebrating 25 Years of Hubble Images

This year Hubble telescope celebrates 25 years of images, many of which have fundamentally altered our understanding of the universe.

It is responsible for the Hubble Deep Field (a tiny dark spot in the sky that has ~3,000 galaxies) and our current estimate of the age of the universe 13.8.

To celebrate, here are some stunning images from the past 25 years of glorious space exploration. 6405926-3x2-700x467 6405858-3x2-700x467 6406044-3x2-700x467 6406110-3x2-700x467 6406190-3x2-700x467 6406222-3x2-700x467 6405962-3x2-700x467 6406004-3x2-700x467 6406032-3x2-700x467 6406144-3x2-700x467