RESULTS from SURVEY: How bad was that Science cover and do you care?

Apparently, that Science cover was pretty bad and plenty of people cared.


I got 75 responses in time to make the above figure (where the width of the blocks are proportional to the number of responses in each category)- 80% said the cover image was either very or kind of poorly chosen and 55% said they cared at least a little bit. The colored “lines” between the two answers depict how frequently two answers were chosen together and clicking the image will make it bigger.  Thanks to everyone who gave me their 2 cents – such science. such wow.


8 comments on “RESULTS from SURVEY: How bad was that Science cover and do you care?

  1. Jeremy Yoder says:

    I am totally going to steal that graph format! Is that generated in R? (He asked hopefully.)

    • Sarah Hird says:

      i’d seen the format before but had no idea what it was called (anyone? bueller?) and had so little data, i did it by hand. however, i feel that there must be a way to do it in R. right? maybe someone out there knows…

      • Jeremy Yoder says:

        This sounds like an excuse for me to spend a day writing a custom function! After I finish nailing down bits of this grant proposal, maybe …

  2. Chris Smith says:

    It’s always worrying to me when I review summaries of survey data in which I am one of the respondents, and I can see my own data point. Outlier once again.

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