Friday Coffee Break: The river of Twitter, the history of an actual river, and evolution in a storybook

Vintage coffee cans 1

Here’s what we’ll be discussing while we wait in line for a latte.

“A healthy first reaction to every and any tweet is ‘Golly, I wonder what the hell the context for that could possibly be!'” (Via Sarah)

“Children learned a lot from one pretty basic storybook intervention so imagine what a curriculum spread over several years might do for scientific literacy long term.” (Sarah)

Time-lapse satellite images track the shifting oxbow curves of Peru’s Ucayali River over 28 years. (Noah)

“It is alarming that so many Nobel Prize recipients have lamented that they would never have survived this current academic environment.” (Noah)

“The data lying behind this graphic reflects some of the biggest changes in the history of English. Today, English borrows from other languages with a truly global sweep.” (Jeremy)

“Ingenuity and lots of sticky tape and glue have helped a rare parrot chick survive against the odds.” (Jeremy)