Friday Coffee Break: Defrosting an ice age virus, the joy of trilobites, and the collective weight of land mammals

Washington's Coffee

“The last time it infected anything was more than 30,000 years ago, but in the laboratory it has sprung to life once again.” (From Sarah)

“Among the people I do know who have done PhDs, I have seen depression, sleep issues, eating disorders, alcoholism, self-harming, and suicide attempts.” (Sarah)

” ‘A lot of people, when they see these fossils, don’t believe they’re real,’ said Dr. Huber, who is 54, fit from years of fieldwork, and proud that the state fossil of his native Ohio is a trilobite. ‘They think they must be artists’ models.’ ” (Noah)

“Earth’s Land Mammals by Weight.” And, the 2014 Mammals Suck March Madness Bracket! (Amy)

“What’s creepier than a worm rearing up on its tail to snag a passing insect? A thousand worms uniting into a single living, writhing, waving tower to snag a passing insect.” (Jeremy)

“Nye is widely viewed as having won that debate, but Ham may have gotten the last word: on Thursday he announced that his Creation Museum’s proposed Noah’s Ark theme park, including a 510-foot replica of the Biblical vessel, had against all odds secured a last-minute $62 million municipal bond offering.” (Jeremy)