Friday coffee break: Flightless Archaeopteryx, and life without antibiotics

Turkish Coffee

Here’s what we’ll be talking about while we wait in line for a latte.

From Sarah: Is is possible that Archaeopteryx was actually losing its ability to fly? Pink fairy armadillos are way cuter than the “regular” kind.

From CJ: Slowing cricket calls down to the frequency range of human voices makes for some trippy tones. And it looks like a virus that has been killing hundreds of dolphins off the U.S. east coast may be striking whales, too.

From Amy: DNA from the body of a boy who died during the last ice age includes markers linked to modern European and American Indian populations.

From Jeremy, a whole raft of stuff this week about antibiotic use and abuse: U.S. states with higher rates of antibiotic prescription have more obesity. The evolution of antibiotic-resistant bacteria could dramatically restrict modern medicine. Here’s what working physicians are doing to prevent that.