Friday Coffee Break

Every Friday at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! our contributors pass around links to new scientific results, or science-y news, or videos of adorable wildlife, that they’re most likely to bring up while waiting in line for a latte.

From CJ A short overview of some bad-ass young people fighting against bad science.

Nobody likes a free-loader – especially the uninformed, communicable-disease susceptible kind:

Last weekend, a teenager in King County whose parents intentionally avoided mandatory vaccinations was diagnosed with measles. Read what happens next!

America’s favorite bow tie lights up the dance floor – for space!

From JeremyWhat would it look like if you mapped science papers like stars in a galaxy? It’d look pretty awesome (and be a handy tool for finding papers, too)!

For those seeking a remedy to the overly bland supermarket tomato:

With the new knowledge, “you can’t help but get a better tomato,” Dr. Bartoshuk said.

From NoahA bona fide scientific mystery:

It features a central spire and an encircling picket-fence that’s been reinforced by horizontal rails, and is strung together by a series of radially oriented guy wires. An impressive edifice at any scale, the structure measures less than 2 cm across. And here’s the real kicker: nobody knows what made it.

From Sarah – An awesome group blog about women in science and tenure track trials and tribulations, including topics like toxic mentors, miscarriage, menstruation, sexual harassment and the upsides to being a woman in science. And those are just from the last month!

Beautiful videos of tiny (and not so tiny) sea creatures over at the Plankton Chronicles.

More great news about young scientists! As in – really young.

And, finally…

this calls for a round of espresso shots! Great big news this week for Friend of the Blog / Occasional Contributor Professor Chris Smith of Willamette University, who recently received an NSF CAREER Grant for his outstanding teaching credentials and research on yucca moths and Joshua Trees!