Friday Coffee Break


It’s that wonderful week where the scientifically minded and modern man all get together and celebrate…. shark week.

As a result, CJ is reading about the brains of the Whale Shark (an animal so cool I’ve included a picture)


Sarah is thinking about food. A lot. We start with a simple equation: does no sleep = give me junk food? makes perfect sense to me! How losing a night’s sleep will reduce your ability to resist junk food.

Also from Sarah, whiskey is distilled corn ferment, rum is distilled sugarcane ferment, so why shouldn’t we have liqour made from distilled coffee bean ferment? Because the only thing scientists love more than coffee or alcohol is coffee and alcohol.

Speaking of fish, Jeremy is learning how to school fish. 

Finally, after a long time and much controversy NIH finally makes good with Henrietta Lacks family.