Friday Coffee Break


Noah brings us flying squids. No that’s not a typo, these are squids that jump out of the water similar to flying fish.

From a few of our contributors are reading a post about how to get tenure without killing yourself. Some solid advice…

Jeremy is reading about the importance of specialization in pollinators. By removing honey bumble bees you can change the landscape of a meadow!

CJ is tired of being covered by mosquito bites and so she’s reading about why she’s more susceptible to bites than say… everyone else she knows.

Amy has a thing for charismatic megafauna (who doesn’t really) and is reading about over heating cheetahs… that aren’t actually over heating. 

Also from Amy, a new tick virus! The Heartland virus, and how the CDC scientist were able to identify it. 

Sarah is reading about baby sharks duking it out… in utero.

Sarah also thinks we should all be advocating open access science. It’s a PhD comics animation of what open access is and why it makes sense and is important.

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  1. jeffollerton says:

    I’m going to be unapologetically pedantic and point out that it was native bumblebees that the Brosi and Briggs study was removing, and NOT non-native honey bees.

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