Earn your #Evol2013 conference merit badges

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Bottoms upScientific conferences present a lot of challenges, even to those of us who’ve been to a few. A good conference means presenting your own work in an interesting way, learning about a lot of other folks’ projects, asking good questions, meeting a lot of new people, catching up with old friends, maybe even tracking down some of your scientific idols—and then making a good impression when you do.

Making a game out of it all can help—and in that spirit, Sarah put together Evolution Bingo for the Evolution meetings in Ottawa last year. You could certainly re-use that bingo card for the Evolution meetings that start in Snowbird, Utah, today, but we’d also like to offer something new for Evolution 2013: Conference merit badges!

Descriptions for how to earn each are given below; click on the thumbnail for a high-resolution version of the badge when you’ve earned it. We’ll add others as we think of them and Jeremy has time to design them—nominate suggestions in the comments!

New network edge New network edge: Add a link to your professional network by introducting yourself to someone you’ve never met before.
Timely talk Timely talk: Finish your talk with time left over for at least one question.
Laughter is the best science Laughter is the best science: Make your audience laugh at least once during your talk or poster presentation.
Any questions? Any questions? Ask a question at someone else’s talk or poster presentation.
Stumper That’s a good one. Ask a question that the presenter can’t answer.
Got the answer I know that one! Answer a question about your talk or poster presentation.
Early bird Early bird: Attend a talk at 8:30 in the morning every day of the conference.
Attendance Star I Attendance Star I: Attend talks during every time slot, plus the poster session, on a single day.
Attendance Star II Attendance Star II: Attend talks during every time slot, plus the poster session, on at least two days.
Attendance Star III Attendance Star III: Attend talks during every time slot, plus the poster session, on every day of the meeting.
Life listed Life listed: Spot an organism you’ve never seen before, at any time during the conference.
Drinks Cheers! Use up all your drink tickets at conference “mixer” events.
Bottoms up Bottoms up! Use up all your drink tickets—and some of someone else’s.
Capital tee total Capital tee total: Go the entire conference without a drop of alcohol.
Who needs caffeine? Who needs caffeine? Go the entire conference without a drop of coffee.

Go forth and conference! You can find the whole set of badge images here.

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  2. […] very late to this, but for the recent Evolution meeting Jeremy Yoder designed conference merit badges. Fun idea. Anybody want to design some for the ESA? Or maybe we need some “demerit” […]

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