Friday Coffee Break


Puffer fish, our underwater artists. CJ is reading about a true story of love, craftsmanship and the desire to pass on descendants.

Also, recently fascinated by buried cities, CJ is reading about the lost city of ATLANTIS! Not quite, but an equally interesting underwater Egyptian city.

After a year of terrible funding (and the year before that, and the year before that) Sarah is reading about why to invest in science.

More good news from Sarah, notorious Kansas approves new state science standards that include evolution AND climate change. Will wonders never cease.

Jeremy turns our attention to new career opportunities, potentially outside of academia. Good advice for those of us on the job hunt (a great number of our current contributors).

Also from Jeremy, a statistical look at the recent NSA scandal.

Oh and also: SCOTUS holds that “naturally-occurring” DNA sequence cannot be patented. (Though cDNA can.)