Friday Coffee Break



I’m not sure there is anything cooler than feathered dinosaurs, which makes Sarah our coolest contributor this week. New (and earliest!) bird fossil found

In addition to redrawing the entire avian tree of life, Sarah is also reading about synthetic blood, ending supply shortages, germ free and coming to a Scottish hospital near you. Every step towards synthetic blood has got to be good, am i right?

Microbial ecology research continues to astound me, and apparently has Amy fascinated as well. What you eat can alter your brain function… due to the microbes you ingest!

An ongoing debate near and dear to our hearts… Geek vs. Nerd. Jeremy brings us this awesome link, with a figure from the simpsons. What more could a Friday ask for.

Finally Jeremy brings us this interesting article on open access genomics for “orphan crops“, or those crops that large food industry isn’t interested in. These resources may bring needed information to the developing farmers.