Are you going to Snowbird?


I just finished my registration for Evolution 2013, the joint annual meeting of the American Society of Naturalists, Society of Systematic Biologists, and the Society for the Study of Evolution. This year it’ll be at the resort town of Snowbird, Utah—which will be a bit trickier as a travel destination, but promises to provide spectacular natural beauty as a backdrop to the science at the biggest conference of evolutionary biologists and ecologists in North America. For example, Cecret Lake:

Cecret Lake - Alta Utah

Are you going to be there? Should we try to arrange some sort of meet-up for NiB readers and contributors? Let us know in the comments.

8 comments on “Are you going to Snowbird?

  1. Rafael Maia says:

    I’ll be there! Assuming I find a place to stay. Not presenting this year, just enjoying other people’s awesome science. See you there!

  2. I’ll be there and would enjoy meeting up! Just finished submitting my presentation. That website is a bit brutal.

  3. Hird says:

    I’ll be there and a meet-up sounds great! I’d say let’s check our schedules, but we kind of all have the same one, so… Viva la evolucion!

  4. Yoder says:

    Excellent! Here’s hoping I land a talk time early enough in the week that I can concentrate on the, er, social aspects of the meeting.

  5. Mike Harvey says:

    I’ll be there! Maybe we could get together for a beer/science sesh?

  6. Cathy Newman says:

    Yay Snowbird!!! I’m in.

  7. I’ll be there from Sunday on and would love to meet up. Beers sound good too!

  8. I’ll be there and would enjoy meeting up.

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