Friday Coffee Break

Every Friday at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! our contributors pass around links to new scientific results, or science-y news, or videos of adorable wildlife, that they’re most likely to bring up while waiting in line for a latte.


Coevolution is not just about the two interacting species?!?!?! An excellent link from Jeremy that may cause me to rethink my dissertation. Pollinator/plant mutualisms are actually all about… the microbial communities.

Although this is less evolution and ecology orientated, and more just shear awesomeness, Devin brings us global population growth rate data visualization by Hans Rosling. Because he just rocks!

Is feeding pigs antibiotics causing increased resistance? Sarah is reading about a study out of China that has found 200 times more resistance genes in pig manure from those treated with antibiotics than those pigs that had never received treatment. Yikes!

Use em and leave em… I mean it… behind? From CJ, a sea slug who sheds its penis after sex. Not to worry though, it grows back.

Devin is aiming to make you itch and scratch in your seat (and more than succeeded with me) with a video about the evolution of bird lice.