Friday Coffee Break

In 1996, Paul Krugman gave a talk comparing economics to evolutionary biology. Jeremy Fox dug it up and posted it at Dynamic Ecology. It’s pretty interesting stuff.

If you are familiar with economics and start reading evolutionary biology in earnest – and presumably vice versa – you quickly realize that these are sister fields. They actually have a remarkable amount in common, not only in terms of the kind of questions they ask and the methods they use, but in terms of the way they relate to and are perceived by the rest of the world.

Duck genital evolution. An old post, but bizarre and awesome. ‘Nuff said.

A tragic downside of rising incomes in Asia: wildlife products from threatened species experience increased demand.

A bold plan for saving Ecuador’s Yasuní National Park from oil development (possibly the most biologically diverse protected area on earth),  is languishing.

From Sarah:

For dog lovers everywhere: selective breeding paints the bulldog into a genetic corner. 

From Jeremy:

Menopause is a fascinating feature of human biology. This post recounts some evidence for conflicting hypotheses on its evolution.

From Devin:

Traveling the globe and meeting with international scientists sounds great, but in practice are you getting everything you can out of such a complex collaboration?

Collaborations: A single cog in a complex machine:

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