Friday Coffee Break

Every Friday at Nothing in Biology Makes Sense! our contributors pass around links to new scientific results, or science-y news, or videos of adorable wildlife, that they’re most likely to bring up while waiting in line for a latte.

From Noah:

A new species of Florid flies that like to munch on frog eggs:

Further investigation showed that maggots of a small fly were eating the eggs. He reared some adults, sent them to me, and they turned out to be a new species that we named Megaselia randi.”

From Sarah:

Scientist are number 1!: at coffee consumption

And a the largest python found yet in Florida!

She was a bit more than twice the height of many bedroom ceilings.”

From Jeremy:

A new seo company that will replicate your research at 10% the original cost:

Here’s how it is supposed to work. Let’s say you have found a drug that shrinks tumors. You write up your results, which are sexy enough to get into Nature or some other big-name journal. You also send the Reproducibility Initiative the details of your experiment and request that someone reproduce it. A board of advisers matches you up with a company with the experience and technology to do the job. You pay them to do the job—Iorns estimates the bill for replication will be about 10 percent of the original research costs—and they report back whether they got the same results.

From CJ:

Oil company Enbridge removes island from public map to fool the public into thinking there’s little danger in building their latest pipeline:

The slick route animation and map in the route safety video both show the Douglas Channel without the maze of islands that oil tankers as long as the Eiffel Tower will have to weave through.”