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Are you a working biologist, biology student, or other person with a first-hand connection to the living world? Do you like reading science blogs—including maybe this one—and wonder what it’d be like to get into this online-popular-science-writing thing? Or do you have your own science blog already, and want to expand your audience?

Then you should write a guest post for Nothing in Biology Makes Sense!

We prioritize contributions from folks who work in biology in a broad sense—anything from medicine to academia to industry, at career stages from undergraduate students to professors. And, true to our headline, we’re especially interested in pieces that show how something in biology makes sense if you think about it in light of evolution.

Wondering what a good guest post looks like? Check out previous ones by David Hembry, Kathryn Turner, Levi Morran, and Amy Dapper—who is now joining us as a regular contributor.

So what are you waiting for? E-mail Jeremy to propose a post and discuss scheduling—we’re especially looking for posts in the upcoming fall semester.

4 comments on “Help us make sense!

  1. Baldscientist says:

    Hi! I am interested to contribute, but I am having some trouble when I click on your email link. Could you send me an email with the information on how can I contribute? (


  2. turnthrice says:

    I’m a biology undergraduate student.I took a class on evolution in my previous term and I loved it! I wish there were more courses available so I that I would feel confident enough in my knowledge of evolution to submit a guest post. Nonetheless, I always look forward to reading about biology and evolution on this blog :)

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