U.S. Atom Smasher has its Swan Song

The U.S. atom smasher (which is a phenomenal nickname for a particle collider facility) has made a new discovery concerning the Higgs boson particle!

Sadly, the facility (actually named the Tevatron collider) in Batavia, Illinois was shut down in 2011. So this important paper is a little too late. Read more about what they found over at Science news.sn-ataomsmasherH

Don’t Trust Your Data

Or more specifically, don’t always trust your own data analysis skills.

As a PhD student soon to be on the Postdoc market I am eagerly learning all I can about bioinformatics and coding. Additionally, I really like it.

So reading this review of the new book by  Vince Buffalo Bioinformatics Data Skills is both awesome and informative. I’ve already added it to my Amazon wish list.

Read the full book review over at Molecular Ecologist. download

Literature does not mean “big pile of facts”

As scientist we tend to take what has been done before at face value. If a publication demonstrates a result, it is often tucked away into a mental file: or “big pile of scientific facts”.

While Stephen Heard doesn’t advocate repeating all experiments, he does note that this may not always be the case. For example:

“Published research findings are sometimes refuted by subsequent evidence, with ensuing confusion and disappointment.”